We are what we eat
the way we eat influences our health and the health of our planet, the 3.14 restaurant wants to change mentalities around food and health.

Being organic is a state of mind 
means living every day to the rhythm of the seasons by offering products that contribute positively to our environment.

Eating local is common sense
By working only with local producers we reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the best condition of the product upon arrival.

Homemade is a know-how
at 3.14 Cannes, the dishes are “homemade” that means they are created on site by our chefs with fresh products.

Gastronomy adapted to everyone
because we are aware that some customers have specific needs, most of our dishes are certified gluten-free and our teams are trained to answer your questions in case of allergies to certain products.

Organic food is a way of life
The 3.14 restaurants put organic and gluten-free products in the spotlight because it gives meaning to our cuisine. It is a simple and rewarding way to treat yourself, by combining respect for your body with respect for the planet.